About us

About us


FIR Honour Club registers people and organizations that support the institutional activities of the Italian Rugby Federation with their name and with their contribution.

All profits coming from the registration of the Members of the Honour Club are destinated by the Italian Rugby Federation in the development of its institutional activities.

An Official Token is issued to each Member of the FIR Honour Club: digital, original and nominative. The Token is registered and authenticated on an encrypted ledger, that certifies the registration to the Roll of Honour.

A specific newsletter periodically updates all the Subscribers on the Honour Club’s projects and benefits, reserved for registered people and organizations.

The Italian Rugby Federation (FIR) is a sports association founded in 1928. It is part of the group of the most important rugby union federations in the world (World Rugby Tier 1).

The Italian Rugby Federation aims to promote, regulate and develop the game of rugby in Italy, to implement training programs of players and technicians as well as to promote and maintain relations with international rugby associations. It also has the purpose of developing competitive activity aimed at international activity within the guidelines given by World Rugby, in harmony with the deliberations of the Ioc and the Coni.

The institutional objectives shall be implemented and pursued with respect for the principle of internal democracy and participation in sport under conditions of equality and equal opportunities, with the exclusion of any racial, political or religious interference.

This website, the registration services and the Tokens issuing are managed by Marketing Network Milano Srl, a professional services company of I&B - Innova et Bella group, on direct behalf of Federazione Italiana Rugby.


 Federazione Italiana Rugby launches its Honour Club open to individuals and businesses, becoming the first rugby federation to issue new generation Tokens.


Borsa&Finanza 02/07/2023
 Crescono i fan token e arrivano nel mondo del rugby
Federazione Italiana Rugby 02/04/2023
 FIR lancia il proprio Honour Club con Tokens di nuova generazione